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Former Alaska Representative Killed By Son

by | Sep 29, 2022 | Felonies

A former Alaska state legislator has been murdered, and what’s even more disturbing is the news of who this man’s killer was: his own son. This shocking news story is making waves throughout the state and shows how the initial accusations in an investigation might not reveal the full scope of a the crime.

An argument that turned deadly

The former Alaskan representative’s son has now been indicted on murder charges of the first and second degree. His arrest was on charges of manslaughter, having beaten his father to death.

The victim was 62 years old. His son, 36, eventually called the police to inform them that his father had stopped breathing. By the time officers arrived on the scene, it was too late.

When the police got there, the walls and floor were reportedly covered with blood as if someone had been mauled. The former legislator was dead.

This incident happened on August 20th when anchorage police received a call from neighbors, saying they heard a loud argument late at night that began to sound violent. His father was planning on evicting the son from an apartment owned by the former representative’s girlfriend.

New evidence showed the son’s intent

The initial accusation of what caused his father’s death was the son’s recklessness. But that changed when a grand jury in Anchorage made their indictment, adding first-degree murder to the charges after new evidence showed that the accused acted with intent.

This charge is coupled with a second-degree murder charge as well, which stems from a different hypothesis that his son was merely extremely indifferent about his father. The former legislator’s son is now constructing a defense strategy.