Dedicated To Protecting Your Future

A Strong Defense Team To Fight For You

When you are facing high-level felony charges, the last thing you should do is take chances with your future by trying to defend your rights by yourself. A skilled defense team can make the difference between receiving the outcome you deserve or the maximum sentence for your charges. To help avoid the worst outcomes in your case, hire the services of a legal team with a reputation for success.

At Hozubin, Moberly & Associates, we offer our clients extensive experience in both criminal defense and insurance defense. Our Alaska attorneys know how hard it can be to fight against felony criminal charges, and we make it our mission to help our clients secure the outcome they deserve in their case.

What We Can Defend You From

There are many different types of felony charges that we have helped our clients fight, and we have the experience necessary to help you with your defense needs. We are not afraid of the most challenging or high-stakes cases, including:

We do everything in our power to protect our clients, including reviewing all factors of the case, consulting with expert witnesses, and building a defense against the prosecution’s strategies. We are always looking for ways to benefit our clients, including negotiating for reduced charges or sentencing if dismissing the charges is not possible. At our Anchorage office, you can trust us to take on the challenges of your case.

Take Your Future Into Your Own Hands

Trying to defend yourself in court against felony charges rarely results in the outcome you deserve. Instead of leaving things to chance, let us handle your defense for you. Contact our office by calling 907-782-4828 to schedule your initial consultation today, so we can begin building a strategy that you can count on against even the toughest of charges.