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Do Not Give Up Against Federal Charges

If you are facing federal charges, the prosecution may be pressuring you to plead guilty in exchange for lesser sentencing for the charges. This may seem like the best option for you, but you may be risking more than you expect. Instead of leaving yourself at the mercy of the prosecution, arm yourself with the skills of an experienced criminal defense team.

At Hozubin, Moberly & Associates, we offer our clients the representation they need to develop the creative and strong defense they deserve in the case. We know the risks of accepting a plea deal, and we are not afraid to explore all possible options in defending you.

We Can Stand For You

When you receive an offer for a plea deal, you may think it is the best way out of a bad situation, but you may not be aware of what you are accepting. Federal charges come with mandatory minimum sentencing, which is not something a plea deal can reduce. Instead of pleading guilty and accepting the minimum sentencing, our attorneys can help you fight the most challenging charges, including:

  • Terroristic threats
  • Extortion
  • Conspiracy
  • Drug distribution
  • Drug trafficking

Our primary goal is to beat your charges or even have the court dismiss them, but we understand that is not always possible. In such case, we negotiate to reduce the charges you are facing and the sentencing that comes with it. While any federal charges come with required minimums, reducing the charges you are facing can be a reliable way of avoiding lengthy sentencing.

Do Not Settle For Less In Your Defense

Pleading guilty can mean years behind bars and substantial fines against you. Do not just accept the worst by giving up early; contact our lawyers at our Anchorage office today. Schedule your initial consultation with our Alaska team by calling (907) 276-5297 or emailing us here to begin preparing your defense against your federal charges.